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Blue Heart Community Groups are Facebook groups targeted at bringing local community members together. Our philosophy is built around strengthening communities through constructive discussions and providing tools to support local businesses. Blue Heart Communities Groups are represented through “I Love” suburban groups that are visually associated through the Blue Heart Logo

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Our team of administrators and moderators facilitate the Blue Heart Community Groups. Every member and post is screened however we are not always aware when a member has been abusive or offensive and therefore request that you report any suspicious content to the administrators, moderators or contact us here. We invite the community to get involved and please feel free to contact us with any feedback.

The objective and general outline of the group is the below: 

  1. Inform community members of location related issues
  2. Seek help 
  3. Share advice
  4. Unite the community against important issues 
  5. Sell unwanted goods
  6. Provide a platform for local job seekers or recruiters. We don’t allow job seekers to post but always allow job opportunities. Job seekers may comment on job opportunities
  7. We have developed“sister groups” for each area, e.g ILF: Jobs (I Love Fourways Jobs) for job seekers and recruiters
  8. Lost and Found
The below is a list of behavior that is unacceptable to the group. Abuse will result in deletion of the post/comments and if repeated you will be banned from using this page.


  1. No racism
  2. Sexual content of any nature
  3. Scamming, counterfeit and fraudulent products or services
  4. ALL promoting of businesses and products for sale need to be within a 6km proximity of the suburban hub or your post will not be approved
  5. You may not sell animals of any kind
  6. You may not sell Alcohol of any kind
  7. You may not sell illegal, prescription or recreational drugs of any kind(This includes stimulants, supplements and enhancers)
  8. Weapons, ammunition, or explosives
  9. You may not resell or sell new tickets of any kind. Example: concerts, festivals, events, sporting events, transit or admissions to buildings/museums etc.
  10.  Do not contact members directly by private message unless you have been given permission by the member to do so.
  11. No political party advertising
  12. Post or comments that are unlawful, defamatory, harassing, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic or comments which would otherwise constitute hate speech;
  13. Post or comments that are pornographic, obscene, indecent, lewd or suggestive;
  14. Post or comments that may infringe any intellectual property right of any party;
  15. Post or comments that would encourage or provide instructions for a criminal offence;
  16. Post or comments that are invasive of privacy or publicity rights, disclose personal information of any third party(such as contact details);
  17. Post or comments that constitute unsolicited promotions, advertising, contests, solicitations or comments which repeatedly post the same or similar message(spam);
  18. Post or comments that are unrelated to the topic or contain links to other websites; or
  19. Post or comments that are otherwise objectionable in the absolute discretion of UPMRKT t/a I Love Fourways.  
  20. We do not allow any post promoting churches or religion. 
  21. We do not allow the sharing of other groups or pages on the BHC platforms.
  22. An individual may not belong to more than 6 Blue Heart Community Groups in order to avoid group spamming and false advertising...Please ensure you select the areas to be within a 6km radius of where you work and or live to avoid be removed from all groups.

Advertising of Groups:

The advertising of external groups(groups outside of the Blue Heart Community framework) is not permitted within the Blue Heart Community groups. If you would like to promote your group through our audience please contact the ADMINS directly for permission to do so.


Blue Heart Communities does not allow any job seeker(stand alone groups have been created for seeker and opportunities) posts due to the large volume we receive. We do allow members to post about job opportunities.

Competitions run by the ILF Team:

  • You can only win once every six months
  • Winners are selected at random using a random picking tool
  • T’s and C’s apply to the individual competition as stated by the host of the competition.

Members Requests:

  1. All members should know at least 1 current member on the group and have been on Facebook for a minimum of 1 year. This rule is in place to protect our members against fraudsters and internet predators. 
  2. Thank you to all members for getting involved in this community page and we welcome any input to make improvements. 
  3. Please note that by requesting to join the I Love Fourways group you are accepting responsibility over your comments made on the group.  
  4. We do not allow company profiles as members. These groups are for residents and real people. Companies will need to market themselves through a personal profile.
UPMRKT t/a Blue Heart Communities is not responsible for any of the information which is posted in the Forum(Facebook Group).
Be aware that opinions and discussion which are expressed are those of the users of the Forum, they are based on their personal opinion and do not represent any advice, or opinion of UPMRKT t/a Blue Heart Communities, or any qualified medical professional. Any recommendation or other information within the Forum(Facebook Group) which is followed by you is at your own risk. UPMRKT t/a Blue Heart Communities does not take any responsibility for content posted and gives no endorsement of such material.
UPMRKT t/a Blue Heart Communities reserves the right to remove any posted message at its sole discretion for any reason we feel fit. This reservation of right to delete messages does not mean that UPMRKT t/a Blue Heart Communitiestakes any responsibility for the information contained within the Forum(Facebook Group), nor for content in private messages exchanged between members. No failure to remove particular material constitutes an endorsement or acceptance of it by us.
You acknowledge that treatment or medicine of any kind may be discussed from your own personal experience, but the UPMRKT t/a Blue Heart CommunitiesForum(Facebook Group) is not the place to recommend or prescribe it to others.
UPMRKT t/a  Blue Heart Communities may not support or validate any medical claims or evidence discussed within the Forum(Facebook Group).
The Blue Heart Community Group  Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to remove any member without reason at our sole discretion.   
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