Advertising on a Group

Please take note of the below with regard to advertising on the group.

The group has given many Fourways residents a platform to help each other and keep the community informed. The group is currently seeing an average of 800 posts a day, 80% of these are adverts. Most of the ads are not related to a Fourways based business or a business within a 6KM radius of Fourways. We have received several complaints and have taken the decision to structure the advertising on the group in an effort to allow the real community posts to be at the forefront of the group.

Please take this into consideration before posting your ads as our team of moderators have to screen every advert.

  1. Advertising for non ILF approved businesses may be done on a Friday ONLY.
  2.  ALL advertising posts on a Friday must STATE in the post that you are a Fourways (within the 6KM radius) business. The abuse of this rule may lead to the blocking of your profile.
  3. All posts will be removed if not posted on the right day or in the correct way. We will not allow posts questioning why a certain post was removed.
  4. Only an approved Fourways based business that has a listing on our website can advertise on the I Love Fourways Group. Please visit to list your business alternatively you may email our team at hello @ or complete our contact form. 
  5. You may still post about your business in the comments under a post where a member has asked for a specific service or product which you provide.
  6. Any spammers and scammers will be blocked.


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