Advertising on BHC Groups

Please take note of the below with regard to advertising on the group(s).

The BHC groups have given many community residents a platform to help each other, support local businesses and keep the community informed. Please take this into consideration the guidelines when submitting your ads to the group as our team of moderators have to verify every advert.
  1.  ONLY listed businesses may advertise on BHC groups. These are businesses that are registered on the I Love Fourways or Blue Heart Communities websites. 
    1. Business advertisers on I Love Fourways, must fall within a 6km of Fourways:
    2. Business advertisers on Blue Heart Communities(Excludes I Love Fourways) must fall within 6km radius of the suburb you are marketing to:
  2. All listed business advertising is done under your personal profile and ads may only be posted to the relevant group(s) you have subscribed to.
  3. We do not offer any free advertising on our groups.
  4. Company Facebook pages/profiles are not allowed on any groups.
  5.  ALL advertising posts must STATE their unique listing ID at the top of the post which will be provided to you in your welcome email.
  6. All advertising MUST comply with our group rules.
  7. All posts will be removed if they are not posted correctly, go against the BHC group rules or Facebook Community standards. 
  8. Any spammers and scammers will be blocked.
  9. There is no service level agreement on post approval times. 
  10. Please take note of our tips and tricks when posting your ad to maximise the potential of your advertising opportunities.
Example of 6km Radius of area:

BHC Google Map: 

BHC Google Map

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