Business Listing Package Features

Your business listing is featured on our website as a one page Business Profile and an example is featured below.
Included in your business listing are the following features:
  1. One Business Listing on our website (Either I Love Fourways or the BHC Website)
  2. Featured in the Business Directory 
  3. Email Technical Support
  4. Upload your Company or Profile Logo (See below)
  5. Cover Picture (See below)
  6. Photo Gallery (See below)
  7. Reviews (See below)
  8. Get Directions: Google Maps (See below)
  9. Link to your Website (See below)
  10. Link to your Social Pages (See below)
  11. Blue Heart Communities Verified BusinessListing ID - Example:#BHC12345 (See below)
  12. Contact Details and Contact Form (See below)
  13. Edit and Manage Your Listing
  14. Your Operating Hours (See below)
  15. Listing Tags - Amenities (See below)
  16. Multiple Category Selection

Example Business Listing:

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