Artwork & Image Information

Business Listing Artwork:

  • Company Logo (Min: 400 x 400 pixels)
  • Cover Image (Min: 1200 x 630 pixels)
  • Photos for Gallery (Min: 600 x 600 pixels) 
  • Video URL (Youtube etc)

Social Media posts to Facebook Pages and Groups

  • Image Size 1080x1080 pixels
  • Image to be text free if possible (Image will be co-branded with ILF at the base of image)
  • Content 50 - 100 words (you may do more or less, this is just a guideline)
  • Content to be punchy and where possible include a call to action (not always necessary)
  • Ensure content is relatable to as many readers as possible
  • Include call to action links (if applicable)
  • We will include advertising # Number in body of text for ease of reference when searching
  • We will tag your business 
  • Content deadlines - Please ensure posts are sent to us 24-48 hours prior to posting day
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