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Please take note of the below when posting on BHC groups on Fridays:

  1. Only one post will be allowed per business/person.
  2. Make sure you say where you business is based, if you don’t, your post will be deleted.
  3. Posts will be approved as and when the moderators and admins are available, please do not send messages asking why your post has not been approved.
  4. Your post offering must be within a 6km radius of the group you posting on.
  5. Make sure your products or services are within the group rules before posting.
  6. Posts to multiple groups could result in your profile being removed or blocked by either BHC or Facebook(spam detection)
  7. No links, shared posts or sharing groups will be accepted.
  8. Posts can include your Facebook Page for additional verification. 
Posting tips example:
  1. Include your location in post
  2. Include your offering

List your business: 

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